sobota 18.00 – 19.30   Biodanza  (Więcej…)

Cristiano Martins

A seed released to the earth in the fertile spring of 1979 in Freiburg im Braisgau, Germany whose roots later on extended and whose flowers bloomed open in Oporto, Portugal. I am a Biodanza Teacher & a Didactic. In the last few years I have dedicated myself to the creation of diverse Signature workshops such as: “Roots in the Earth, Roots in Heaven”; “Chaos, Creativity and the Return of the Sacred”; “The Birth of the Cosmic Man”; “Under the Sign of Affection”; “Surrender to Love”; “Sacred Warrior”; “Ecstatic Lover”; “Mystic Magician”; “The King/Quenn”; “Laboratory of Creativity”, “Equinox and Solstice Celebrations” in Nature, “Biodanza in Water”.  Im Having the big honor to have regular workshops in: Lisbon, Oporto, Berlin, Budapeste, Tallin, Warsaw, Montreal, Budapest, Toulouse, Nantes, also with agenda in Valencia, Barcelona, Telavive

I was part of the teaching staff at the Institute of Applied Psychology in the postgraduate course “Human Development and Therapy through Expressive arts” and also collaborate with the different schools of Biodanza in Europe.

After graduating in clinical pyscho-pedagogy, I trained in Gestalt therapy; these tools permitted me to work during some years in the field of behavioural deviations such as drug addictions, prostitution and also with homeless. Simultaneously, I attended different theatric and dance workshops.  

I have facilitated skills development groups through Transactional Analysis; Relaxation groups  (Shultz methodology and Self-Centered methodology; Dramatic Expression with children. I have been at the service of the “Teléfono Internacional de la Esperanza” and worked during few years as a teacher of pedagogy in a project to train educational providers.