niedziela 11.45- 13.15 The transformative power of Dark Eros   (Więcej…)

John Hawken

John has been a tantra teacher in Europe for more than 20 years. After being trained by the recognised tantric teacher Margo Anand, he created his own approach to tantra. He works with the oneness we feel, when we experience ourselves as beings of physical, as well as, energy bodies. In his approach, tantra brings us back to a deep acceptance of our most original existence; it is based on integrating our light as well as our darkness, earth and heaven, spirit and soul and thus finding our wholeness.

John´s structured and intelligent approach to tantra gives us practical tools to transform our lives, and an opportunity to follow the voice of our heart and the path into our soul.

John Hawken Website: www.thepathsoftransformation.com