niedziela 14.15- 15.45  Open relating as a path of awakening.   (Więcej…)

Shachar Caspi

Shachar is the founder of the International “Art of Love School” and leads seminars and retreats on Sexual shamanism, Therapy, Transformation and Mindfulness in Israel and around the world.

He is a somatic therapist (graduate of “Hakomi” Psychotherapy) that gives individuals and couples sessions. Shachar has an International yearly certification program for group facilitators and he is a Lead Faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

He facilitates Cacao ceremonies and he is the founder of the INITIATION (International shamanic tribal gathering). More than anything, Shachar is a father to Refael and Nahar and a partner to Hadas. He is a courageous explorer of life, love and embodiment.

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